Saturday, November 26, 2011

1st Berjaya Times Square IT Centre Juniors Open on 27th NOV 2011: Update#7

A lot people are asking whereabout the exact location will the tournament be conducted as we all know Berjaya Times Square is very huge with more than 10 floors.

The venue: IT Centre, 1ST FLOOR. Here is the image file that was captured some time ago. The picture below was captured from the Centre Court on 2nd floor. First, you must locate Auntie Anne's stall. As you stand in front of the stall, you can see Nature Republic shop locates behind the Auntie Anne's stall at far right-corner. Take Note: Nature Republic is just situated directly below Nichii, 2ND floor as you can see in the photo.

For parking, please park @ Basement 2 and 4 only for direct access to 1st floor by LIFT.

The entrance to the IT Centre area is just situated next to Nature Republic shop.