Monday, June 14, 2010

Result: 12th CAS-OCTAGON Second Quarter Allegro

This event began @ 9.40am with 51 people turned up for the event. As usual 20% of the pre-registered names did not turn up due to various reasons. One of the reasons definitely due to England vs. USA match that ended after 4am. It was unfortunate that England only drew 1-1 against USA. I too watched the first half of the match but got to force myself to switch it off else maybe it's me who can't make it to the event as Chief Arbiter.

This event was participated by 3 players who came all the way from Singapore, one Singaporean (seeded 13th), one Vietnamese (unseeded), and one "Mat Salleh" from Eastern European country (seeded 3rd). After 8 hrs of incident-free arbitering, GM Ziaur Rahman with Nat. Rating 2467 whipped the entire field with a perfect score. In addition, nine out of top 10 pre-seeded players based on National Rating eventually finish the event in Top 10 bracket. Also, a total of 17 pre-seeded players came out in top 20 representing 85% seeding accuracy.

The next best result at 5.5 points was shared by 3 players namely "Allegro veterans" Cheok Fung and Fariz, alongside with giant-killer Sheng Yip (seeded 33rd) who earlier in the day had trounced Zaidan and Ismail Ahmad before settling for a draw in a hard-fought last round encounter against Fariz.

Next, Ian Udani (Allegro King for the past 2 years in the absent of local boy FM Nicholas) with 5 points came in at 5th place alongside with 4 other players after losing his last round to GM Ziaur. His reign supreme in local Allegros are likely to come to an end if GM Ziaur continues to join the local Allegros.

Fadli aka SM made it into the top 10 by collecting 4.5 points. The best CAS member title went to 16 y.o. Poon Jit Wai who produced a shocking win against Abdullah Che Hassan in Round 2. Andrew Soong claimed the Best U-15 title, while Shum Rui Yuan got the U-12 title. The Best CAS Veteran title went to fireyrook blogger, Shamsuddin Sabri. Lastly, the Best Girl title won by Hisyamiza Ismail.

Below is the full result based on tie-break (after incorporating provisional Nat. Rating to unseeded players) and its crosstable: