Monday, January 28, 2008

10th CAS First Quarter Allegro on 24th Feb [Wilayah Complex]

Not so long ago where there exists very few tournaments in Klang Valley due to economic turmoil which had resulted in drastic cut in sponsored-tournaments. CAS has championed the chess movement in Klang Valley by introducing a series of 1-day self-funded Allegro concept where tournament is to be held on quarterly basis to keep the chess movement in Klang Valley active and alive.

More importantly, people in chess community can meet-up with each other on a regular basis via tournaments. For the record, CAS incurred losses for this event in the earlier years. Well, it was a sacrifice and commitment that CAS made for the chess community in Klang Valley.

Without realising, CAS will be organising the Allegro for ten consecutive years. So, what is the different between now and then? Now, there are so many weekend tournaments organise by various chess organisations. Organisers with corporate or government sponsorships have started to compete in the prize fund offered for one-day tournament to lure more chess players into their tournaments. This move is good for players and Malaysian Chess but at the expense of lesser prize fund tournaments that will eventually no longer in favour.

CAS will maintain the continuation of this self-funded tournament as long as there are still a decent number of chess players who support the event. For the matter, CAS has increased the total prize fund to RM 1,800 for the two categories to be contested. Category 1 is open to chess players with NATIONAL RATING 1400 AND ABOVE ONLY. While, Category 2 is open to chess players with NATIONAL RATING BELOW 1400. As for non-rated participants, adult and Under-18 have to join Category 1 and Category 2 respectively. It may comes a day where CAS will retire this event when the objective of conducting this event is no longer in existent.

In 2008, CAS will be introducing an exclusive offer to parents with children. Now, any parent who sign-up as CAS member will also see your children (non CAS member) to be entitled to the benefit of lower entrance fee, as though he / she is a CAS Member too.

For those who wish to support the ojectives of the existent of this event, please email your name and category to before 22nd Feb 2008 for pre-registration for this event.