Friday, December 7, 2007

Back to My Daily Routine

After reaching back to Malaysia, I've received numerous calls from chess friends who would like to know more details and personal experience in my trip. Well, generally this trip is good. I met a lot of Turkish who are warm-hearted, kind-hearted and many of them are extending great hospitality to foreigner like me especially during our sightseeing trip.

I'll blog more on my nice experience in Turkey at the later of the month when I will be taking-off from my work to enjoy the year-end holiday. As of now, I'm busy covering classes until I find no time to make my way to the just concluded Masterskill ASEAN+ Youth Chess Championship.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Masterskill for sponsoring the event and ACC together with MSSM for running the event successfully. Malaysian Chess can and will do better with sponsorship of this nature coming from more corporates.

Also, I would like to congratulate trainees of Malaysian Chess Academy for their success in helping MSS Malaysia, MSS Selangor, and MSS KL squad in getting excellent result.