Monday, May 23, 2016

2nd MBPS Juniors Open Chess Tournament (29/5): Reach the School by 8am

Please take note on the following itinerary for this Sunday event:-

8.00am    Arrival at School
8.10am    Check Rd 1 Pairing
8.20am    Get into the School Hall (Air-conditioning - Bring your own jacket)
8.30am    Arrival of VIPs, Speeches, Technical Briefing to players
9.00am    Round 1 
10.10am  Round 2 
11.20am  Round 3 
12.10pm  LUNCH BREAK [This is just the official time, but you still can purchase the food at School Canteen throughout the event from 9am to 4pm]
12.50pm  Round 4
2.00pm    Round 5
3.10pm    Round 6
4.30pm    Closing Ceremony

Parents do not need to prepare any pre-packed food for your children. Halal food can be purchased at the School Canteen on the event day. 

What's on offer?
1. Rice - Chicken Rice from The Chicken Rice Shop, Nasi Lemak, Nasi Kandar (from supplier who provide catering services around town)
2. Bun - Ayam A1 Hotdog Bun  
3. Cakes
4. Rojak & Cut mixed fruits
5. Drink - Hot Coffee, Iced Jelly, Chilled Mata Kucing, Chilled Packet drink, Chilled Mineral water 

For your information, the selling price of the food (listed above) is lower than what you pay if you purchase the same meal from the respective food supplier. This is made possible with some kind of sponsorship from various suppliers who provide the food (listed above).