Saturday, October 25, 2014

20th Kepong Juniors Open Chess Tournament: Important Announcements

1. All players are allowed into the tournament venue:- SJK(C) Kepong 2 Canteen by 8.30AM on 9/11.

2. All pairing for Round 1 will be posted on the White Board locates at the New School Block for Kepong 2 assembly point (Right side of the previous premise).

3. Unlike previous years, there will be NO MORE Confirmation of Registration before the start of Round 1.

4. Welcome gift shall be distributed by the PIBG Committee Members to all players during the Technical Briefing between 8.45am to 9am on 9/11. The gift is no longer distributed during the Confirmation of Registration.

5. Early Bird Gift for the first 100 players who registered with payment can collect the gift during Lunch break (12.10pm to 12.50pm). A copy of those players who are entitled to it will be posted before Lunch break on the White Board locates at the New School Block for Kepong 2 assembly point.

6. With the improvised number of parking bays for both Kepong 1 and 2 schools, there is ample parking space for parents to park their vehicles at designated parking bays.  

7. All players are advised to arrive after 8am, check the pairing and wait at the New school block for Kepong 2 assembly point.

8. All players must make sure that you have been assigned the correct category before you reach the tournament venue. How to check?

Click here for Under-8, here for Under-10, here for Under-12 and here for Under-16.

If you are assigned into a wrong category, please send an email to asap and must do it before 5th NOVEMBER.

9. The Organiser, Coordinator, and myself are still receiving many calls from parents who still want to register their children for the event. Again, we would like to apologise that the event can no longer take in any more player. The total board allocation for 4 categories are 170 Boards for 342 players. Collectively, we have to reject more than 40 players due to both space limitation and shortage in Qualified Arbiters.   

10. Do remember to bring a pen for recording of moves. Anyone who didn't want to record the games still need to bring a pen to fill up the relevant information on the scoresheet and also shall see own clock time to be deducted 10 minutes at the start of new round.