Monday, January 13, 2014

MCF Chess Rating: January 2014 [Pre-release]

In the last 3 months, a total of 17 events were rated nationally which attracted some 1,600 entries. Of which, there were 1231 players who took part where some players played up to 6 events by travelling to as many as 5 different states. Other events that did not meet the submission deadline on 31st December 2013 shall be included in April 2014 release.

The events that were included in the January 2014 release are listed as follows:-
1.      19th Kepong Juniors Open 2013
2.      6th National Juniors Boys 2013
3.      6th National Juniors Girls 2013
4.      Penang Chess League 2013
5.      1st Polgar FIDE Rated U1800
6.      1st Polgar FIDE Rated U2200
7.      2nd Polgar FIDE Rated U1800
8.      UPSI Open 2013
9.      5th IIUM Chess Invitational Open 2013
10.   6th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2013
11.   5th Penang Heritage City International Chess Challengers 2013
12.   Johor Closed 2013
13.   14th CAS Fourth Quarter Allegro 2013
14.   Perlis Open 0213
15.   Sepang Rapid Open 2013
16.   Sepang Rapid Open Blindfold 2013
17.   Sepang Closed 2013
A copy of the rating changes for 1231 players in Q4 2013 can be downloaded from here
While, a copy of the Top 20 Most Improved chess players in Q4 2013 can be downloaded from here.
The complete version of MCF Chess Rating List shall be uploaded officially on 15th January 2014.