Thursday, September 5, 2013

14th CAS Third Quarter Allegro on 8th Sept [A National-rated Event]: Update#4 (Pre-Registration Is Closed!)

Source: CAS website

CAS would like to take this opportunity to thanks all players who have pre-registered for the event. With here, we would like to announce that this event is closed for any further pre-registration because we can't accept anymore pre-registration due to space constraint.

Please be reminded that pre-registered players who yet to make payment, you MUST reach the tournament venue BEFORE 8.30AM on this Sunday for payment purposes. While for those who had paid-up, you may reach the venue @ 9AM.

CAS would appreciate player who has pre-registered a seat but unable to make it to send an email to

The full listing of pre-registered players shall be uploaded latest by tomorrow night. Thank you.