Sunday, May 26, 2013

2nd The Summit Juniors Open: Update#1 [New Category, Under-07]

In view of an overwhelming response for the Under-10 category that I've received so far, a special request was made to the Organiser, Summit USJ, for them to consider creating a younger category, namely Under-7 Category.

This allows kindergarten children to compete among themselves alongside with Primary Year 1 students in this special category. The Organiser had agreed to award Medals and Certificates to top 10 finishers, however, there is no cash prizes for this special category.

Children born in the year 2006 or thereafter can now look forward to compete in this National-rated youngest chess age-group event in Malaysia. The time control and number of rounds for Under-7 Category will be the same as the rest of the categories advertised earlier. Children are required to play all 6 games.

As the Chief Arbiter, I look forward to welcome this new group of children taking part in this upcoming National-rated event. Many of them could be first-timer in a chess event. So, parents of this group of children must be at the tournament venue to look after your own children for the entire course of the event. Click here for more information on this National-rated chess event.

The Entry Form for UNDER-07 as listed below:

Click here to download the Under-07 Category entry form in PDF format.