Monday, November 12, 2012

1st The Summit Juniors Open Results

This event was conducted successfully yesterday where 163 had participated in the event.

In the Under-10 category, the pre-tournament favourites were Ahmad Aiman Sahadi from Kelantan with a National Rating of 1559 points, followed by Chew Zhi Xuan (NR 1400), Cheah Kah Hoe (NR 1372), Fahim Al-faqeh Saleh (NR 1370) and Wong Zhi Yue (NR 1365).

All except Cheah had no problem winning all their respective encounters for the first 4 rounds. In Round 5, Fahim had created an upset by winning against Ahmad, while Chew won against Wong to set up top-of-the table clash between 2nd ranked Chew and 4th ranked Fahim in Round 6. The latter won the game and the championship with a perfect score. Chew was placed 2nd, followed by Wong in 3rd. Ahmad could not recovered from his Round 5 lost and lost again in Round 6 to 14th ranked Rooshillen and be placed at the tail-end of the top 10 prize winners. Meanwhile, 3rd ranked Cheah finished the event at 8th after losing unexpectedly to 26th ranked Beh Jia Sheng in Round 2 and only obtained a draw against 15th ranked Lim Kai Xian in the last round.

Next, the Under-12 Category pre-tournament favourites were Puteri Rifqah (NR 1723), Loh Zu Hao (NR 1660), Ng Jen Sheng (NR 1614), Puteri Munajjah (NR 1589) and Jaron Tan (NR 1537). Puteri Rifqah championship campaign had suffered an early set back when she only able to get a draw in Round against Evan Loo (seeded 14th) in Round 2 and lost the championship when she lost her last round against 3rd ranked Ng Jen Sheng in the final round.

Loh championship campaign had failed to take-off when he lost to 26th ranked Ryan Tey in Round 1 and only manage to a draw against 23rd ranked Jane Wong in Round 3. While, Ng got to a flying start with 4 wins in-a-row before obtaining a draw in Round 5 against Puteri Munajjah. In the last round, Ng who has an inferior tie-break must win the encounter at all cost if he wants to win the title. While, Munajjah was placed 3rd after drawing the last 3 rounds to score 4.5 points. Jaron who won the first 3 games just like Munajjah can only secure 2 draws in the last 3 rounds to be placed at 10th position.

Here comes the Under-14 Category where we witnessed 3rd ranked Subramanian Sivanesan from Negeri Sembilan was crowned as Champion after scoring 5 wins and 1 draw. While, top seed Mohd Faizal Roslan had managed to score 4 wins and 2 draws to be placed 2nd and 4th ranked Ethan Wong with 3 wins and 2 draws. In contrast, Dilwen Ding (seeded 2nd) and Dawson Tan (seeded 5th) can only secure 3 wins and a draw.

Lastly, the U-16 category saw pre-tournament hot favourite Muhd Irfan Haqqim Azhar from Selangor had secured the Championship easily with 4 wins and 2 draws against Jun Keat and Laila Husna from Kelantan. Jun Keat, who hails from Selangor, own campaign had suffered a huge blow when he lost unexpected to 15th ranked Lee Kang Jing from Johor in Round 5. However, he still managed to finish the event as Silver medallist. While, the Bronze medal went to Laila. In addition, Fikri Saleh (2nd ranked) and Vinton Wong (5th ranked) had finished at 4th and 8th position respectively.

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See you guys again in November 2013!!!