Friday, May 4, 2012

39th Selangor Open: After 4 Rounds of Play

IM Rolando Nolte  is the sole leader after 4 rounds of competiton. In Round 3, he disposed off Ian Udani, seeded 2nd, who is also his closest rival in elo rating.

Three others players namely Zaidan, Kamaluddin and NM Kamalariffin are half-point behind the leader. Zaidan drew with Saprin, while Kamaluddin and Kamalariffin defeated NAG U-16 Champion Roshan Singh and Abdul Aziz respectively. 

Nine other players on 3 points. They are Ian, Saprin, Sumant, Fong's brothers, veterans Kian Hwa and Jax, youngsters Dilwen Ding and Sean Ooi. The star of the day in this group is Sean, seeded 47th, has surprised many others by defeating CM Amier Hamzah in Round 4. In earlier rounds, he too has defeated 2 higher rank players including a chess coach from Perak. 

Next, another 11 players on 2.5 points. Among them are NJM Muhd Nabil, NWM Nur Nabila, Steward Manoag of Phillipines, Eddy Fong, Roshan and Tan Yong Zhao.

Below is the cross-table for the top 30 standings after 4 rounds of competition:-