Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MCF Rating List April 2012: Top 100 Juniors

13 y.o. Yeoh Li Tian continues to dominate the chess scene among Juniors below 20 y.o with a new high of NR 2114 points. He has surpassed the National Rating (NR) level of 2100 which is equivalent to FIDE elo 2350 in performance. He has added 30 rating points using K-factor 25 from just 1 event in the past 3 months. With his playing strength, he could have breached the 2200 national rating equivalent to International Master level by world standard if he had played more nationally-rated events in the past 3 months. Sidenote: He is currently doing very well after 5 rounds of competition at Brunei Campomanes Memorial Grandmaster Open 2012.

The top 100 juniors in National Chess Rating April 2012 release as below:
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