Friday, February 17, 2012

Who's the King and Queen for Bangsar Zone?

Bangsar zone has been searching for a dominant King and Queen for a very long time. In Sentul Zone, we have SJK(C) Kepong 2 who dominates the scene for many years. In Keramat Zone, we have SJK(C) Lee Rubber. Who do we have for Bangsar Zone?

The answer >>> SK Bukit Damansara as the new Queen, SK(L) Methodist KL as the new King. In this year edition, both schools have stamped their prowesses in the game(refer to the Individual Interim Ranking in my earlier posting).

SK Bukit Damansara students are leading in both U-10 and U-12 Girls categories. While, SK(L) Methodist KL has 6 players in the top 7 bracket of the U-12 Boys category. [Latest update @ 9.15am: Sean Ooi of SK(L) Methodist KL has captured the U-12 title.]