Friday, February 18, 2011

MSSMKL 2011 Bangsar Zone (Under-15 Result)

Last night during my weekly session with one of the 5-pointer player in this zone. A question was asked? What do I think on the outcome from the top of the table clash today? My answer is simple - It will be a draw since Wei Hao is expected to take Black.

With my predicted outcome, the Champion for the group will be anyone guessing but I think Wei Hao has a slight advantage, why? Wei Hao played 3 title contenders while Albert played 2 title contenders.

Both frontrunners have 5.5 points followed by 5 to 7 players with 5 points. True enough the frontrunners drew their game and 3 other 5-pointer won their respective encounter including the guy who asked me. All of them have 6 points from 7 games played.

After the tie-break calculation, Wei Hao is declared as Champion, followed by Albert on 2nd placing and Derek on 3rd placing. When comes to important tournament, a national-class player always produce the needed result.

Will update you guys when I have the complete result.