Saturday, July 24, 2010

5th MBSS Open [U-14]: Dark-horse Suniil has crushing wins and Pavitranayagi dominates

In Under-14 Boys category, under rated Suniil Kalivanan of SMK Subang Utama triumphed over Albert Ang in Round 4 had proven basically my prediction made over the last few days when one of the MBS (Primary) students asked me who will win the Under-14 category.

For you information, Albert as a former MBPS student is well known among his juniors in primary school. Every chess player in the primary school try to emulate his chess glory in primary school. We have witnessed Derek in NAG last year, then Viknesh in MSSMWP this year, and now Jaron Tan in MBSS event.

Lets come back to Suniil, he is trained by my master in chess. Who is my master? U find it out yourself. With the victory against Albert, he has one more critical hurdler to clear i.e. Win against Tan Yong Zhao in Round 5 which he secured easily. In the last round, he was pitted against Tin Jun Hao who is 1 point behind the sole leader and all he needs to do is to offer a draw but alas this event is conducted under "No Draw by mutual agreement in first 30 moves". He waited patiently until 30 moves were reached before drawing the game. While, Tin was happy with the draw after he suffered unexpected lost in Rd 4 to Alexander Hoon and did not want to suffer the same fate like the top two seeded players in the event.

Meanwhile, Tan Yong Zhao scored 4 consecutive wins which include stopping giant-killer Nikk Johari who in earlier rounds had shattered the championship dream of Tan Ri Hong and Derek Poon. However, he failed to stop Suniil marched towards the title. Nevertheless, he won his last round against another giant-killer Emir who had upset one of the pre-tournament favourites, Lim Jing Hong, in round 5. By the way, Albert was awarded 3rd placing based on better tie-break over 7 other players who obtained 4.5 points.

In Under-14 Girls category, Pavitranayagi Jayamurthey of Convent Sentul has emerged as the Champion for her category after scoring 5 wins and a draw. Her only draw was against her nearest rival, Goh Xin Yen, in round 4.

Meanwhile, Goh Xin Yen had a scared of her life by almost losing to Alakarthika in the following round. She was lucky to escape with a draw after a series of bad moves in endgame played her opponent. Again, she had the luck in taking advantage of her inexperience opponent to score a full point in her last round against Yap Ern Yee. With both the results, she secured a 2nd place finishing. While, Alakarthika had to settle for 3rd place after managing only 4 wins and a draw.