Friday, September 28, 2007

Chef De Mission for the World Youth Chess Championship 2007

The founder of the Academy, Mr. Lim Tse Pin, is selected by Malaysian Chess Federation to become the Chef-De-Mission for the Malaysian Contingent to this year World Youth Chess Championship in Antalya, Turkey.

A total of 10 players contesting in 9 different categories together with 3 accompanying parents will be going to Turkey in November. The contingent will goes in two batches due to a huge fluctuation in pricing for air ticket to Istanbul using Turkish Airlines.

The 1st batch is expected to arrive in Antalya airport at 8.30 am on 17 Nov, while the 2nd batch will be flying using Malaysian Airlines is expected to reach around 8.30 pm on the same day. Round 1 for the event will start at 3 pm on 18 Nov.

The contingent list is as follow:
No. Name [Category]
01) Lim, Tse Pin [Chef De Mission]
02) Yeoh, Li Tian [U-08 Boy's]
03) Azhar, Puteri Rifqah Fahada [U-08 Girl's]
04) Tan, Wei Hao [U-10 Boy's]
05) Azman Hisham, Nur Nabila [U-10 Girl's]
06) Yeap, Eng Chiam [U-12 Boy's]
07) Zullkafli, Amira Syahmina [U-12 Girl's]
08) Azhar, Muhammad Syakir Shazmeer [U-14 Boy's]
09) Lim, Zhuo Ren [U-16 Boy's]
10) Lee, Kim Han Edward [U-18 Boy's]
11) Ong, Way Justin [U-16 Boy's: Extra Player]
12) Yeoh, Chin Seng [Accompany Parent]
13) Siow, Susan [Accompany Parent]
14) Che Doi, Azman Hisham [Accompany Parent]