Tuesday, March 27, 2007

About The Academy

Coach Lim is leader of chess organisation in Malaysia, representing technical, arbitrating, organising, training methodology, and tournament management functional expertise.

Under Mr. Lim Tse Pin unorthodox leadership style at the state-level chess association, both Selangor and Kuala Lumpur have transformed into a chess powerhouse in Malaysia since 2000. He replicate, enhance and more importantly own the success achieved at his associate with the chess organisation.

Coach Lim offers modular therefore customisable and scalable training manuals to children with high level of practical experience, know-how [expertise], high success rate based on successfully implemented methodologies.

Since 2002, many children have attended training offered by Coach Lim with some children have achieved remarkable results. Over a short span of 4 years, Coach Lim has position himself as the leader in chess training in the country with ten national titles won by the trainees and two-dozen players represented the country and still growing in number.

The success of Coach Lim over a short period of time is largely credited for using structural training approach. A formalized and time-tested chess kit will be given to trainees regardless of their existing playing strength at the point of enrolment.

In the National Age-Group Championship in March 2006, Coach Lim trainees won 4 gold medals from the 12 categories contested which is the best ever single result by Chess Coaches / Chess Academies / Clubs in Malaysia in the past 30 years. While, 2005 edition witnessed his trainees’ captured 3 National titles.

In addition, Coach Lim trainees have helped both KL and Selangor to win 4 gold medals from 12 categories (6 individuals + 6 teams) contested during MSSM 2005. Meanwhile at State-level Schools Championship, Coach Lim trainees won 5 out of 12 individual gold medals at stake.