Thursday, February 22, 2018

45th Selangor Open (27/4 - 1/5): Prospectus

Source: CAS website

CAS will be organizing the Oldest Chess Tournament in the country from 27th April to 1st May. This year we will be celebrating 45 continuous years of our event that has a very colorful history since its first inception in 1974.  This event will be divided into 2 Categories i.e. an Open Section and a Challenger Section.

This 9-round Open Section with the time control 90 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1 that comprises of RM 21,000/= in cash for the Top 20 winners (Champion RM 6,000), plus another RM 3,000/= in cash awaiting 15 winners in Special Prizes, and 12 Medals for the Best Schools / IPT in Malaysia. This Open section is open to all.

Free entry shall be given to any WIM/WGM/IM/GM and past Selangor Open Champions who sign-up. On top of that, the first 4 Grandmasters (GM) who confirm their participation shall be provided with 5 nights accommodation @ Cititel Hotel (on twin-sharing basis).

While, the Challenger Section with the same number of rounds and time control with RM 3,900/= in cash for Top 10 winners, RM 750/= in cash awaiting 9 top winners from FIDE Rating Ceiling categories and 3 best Ladies, and 12 Medals for Best Primary Schools in Malaysia.

This Challenger section is open to participant with FIDE Standard Elo below 2000 rating (April 2018 release) or no FIDE rating 

The venue for this event is at Grand Ballroom, 5th floor, Cititel Mid Valley Hotel, KL. Any outstation participants who need accommodation at Cititel Hotel, please alias with En. Hamid Majid ( at special rate (One night twin sharing with breakfast @ RM289 nett). Alternatively, you can book the room via one of the online web portals.

CAS has appointed DAT Chess Centre as Event Manager for this event. DAT Chess Centre will be handling the Registration and Payment processes. All payments shall be paid into DAT Chess Centre Maybank account: 5145-9822-0396.

Rebate shall be given to players who register with payment for OPEN section, both Individual and (4 and above from the same school) School-going Children for OPEN section, and (4 and above from the same school) School-going Children for CHALLENGER section By 1st April 2018 (Sunday). While, OKU participants who take part in OPEN Section is entitled to lowest bracket rate in Individual entrance fee of respective category based on the timeline of registration.

You may download a copy of the OPEN Section prospectus or the Challenger Section prospectus.

The Open Section Infosheet:

The Challenger Section Infosheet:

Thursday, January 25, 2018

MNYCC 2018: Registration for Selangorians

Source: CAS website

The Malaysian National Youth Chess Championships 2018 will be organized by Johor Chess Association at Level 36, Johor Bahru City Square Tower, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor from 17th March (Saturday) to 21st March (Wednesday).

Children (Malaysians only) who are schooling in Selangor ONLY can register via the Chess Association of Selangor at entry fee of RM150. DIRECT ENTRY without going through any State Chess Association would cost RM300.  

Registered players to date as at 5/3/2018 (11PM):
01-Hiu Jack Yuan
02-Hiu Poh Yuan
03-Muhd Syukur 
04-Rey Matthew Tan
05-Goy Ming Ray 
06-Liew Kang Zhen
08-Swetha Thamil Manni
09-Dinish Sathaseelan
10-Siddharth Krishna
11-Ishaan Quan
12-Yee Hao Loong
13-Anderson Ang
14-Megat Muhd Irfan 
15-Megat Muhd Iman
16-Ong Zhiqian
17-Le Hao Ming
18-Le Wen Huey
19-Shyam Keshaav
20-Nur Maisarah bt Md Supardzi
21-Muhd Al-Hanafi Bin Md Supardzi
22-Muhd Faqih Aminuddin
23-Nur Faiqah Aminuddin
24-Nur Fatnin Uzma
25-Nur Ismahani Khairul Nizam
26-Muhd Hazim Irfan
27-Muhd Haziq Izzuddin
29-Ernest Yek
30-Sophia Yek
31-Keeve Soon
32-Ethan Wong
33-Ivan Sean Yap
34-Bryan Yap
35-Desirra Pereira
36-Desrina Pereira
37-Desrran Pereira
38-Sia Yuan Ling
40-Esther Tang
41-Eunice Tang
42-Nur Khadijah Rusdi
43-Nur Aisyah Rusdi
44-Cheah Kah Hoe
45-Nur Faqihah Aminuddin
46-Puteri Rabiatul Adawiyah
47-Nur Hani Azwa Mohd Zailani
48-Chin Shun Yi
49-Chin Yi Hao
50-Grace Lau Xin Yi
51-Praneal Balan
52-Loo Qing Wei
53-Loo Qing Yau
54-Nur Uzma Bazilah Mohd Tarmizi 
55-Nur Umairah Sakinah Mohd Tarmizi

The Registration Procedure

1. Fill-up the MNYCC 2018 Entry Form (Page 3), Signed on It and Snap a photo / Scan It.

2. To facilitate a speedy payment processes to MCF and not interfere with CAS accounbank-in RM150/pax into Maybank Acc: 112223186563 (Lim Tse Pin). Mr Lim will transfer your payment into Persatuan Catur Negeri Johor account. Scan the bank-in Slip / Capture a screenshot / M2U pdf file. Last day for payment is 4TH MARCH 2018 (SUNDAY)

[Take note: All participants who made payments before 25 FEBRUARY 2018 (NOT 1ST MARCH AS LISTED IN THE FORM) "AKA Early Bird" are entitled to a 20% discount which mean RM120/pax instead of RM150/pax if you register through Chess Association of Selangor]

[Take note: For bulk registration, payment for all children must be done in ONE TRANSACTION for easy reference. Don't bank-in directly into Persatuan Catur Negeri Johor account - The account is provided only for people who wish to pay RM300 as a Direct Entry].

3. Email the form and bank-in slip to latest by 4TH MARCH 2018 (SUNDAY). As for Early Bird Registration, the form and bank in slip must be emailed to latest by 28TH FEBRUARY (WEDNESDAY).




Monday, August 14, 2017

The Summit Subang USJ 6th Juniors Open: Results

The results as follows:-





Saturday, August 12, 2017

Summit event on 13/8 Arrival by 10.30AM

Please reach the venue (Ground floor)  Summit USJ Mall between 10AM and 10.30AM

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Summit Subang USJ 6th Juniors Open Workshop on 12th August (Saturday): Name List

Updated on 1/8, the name list listed below isn't the final listing. I'm now begins to go down the list as many can't make it on 12/8 because some have registered in other chess events / other tuition activities on the same day. The final listing shall be published at a later date.

In the entry form, it was stated that the first 80 pax who registered themselves in this event can be entitled to attend a chess workshop on 12/8. We are extending our invitation to 101 pax. 

The workshop is to be scheduled from 10am to 1pm on 12/8 (At the same venue as 13/8) . This workshop is to be conducted by 20th GACC International Inter-Varsity Chess Championship Champion: Tan Wei Hao

The list of players as listed below:-

No Name Payment Date
1 Le Hao Ming 23-Feb
2 Le Wen Huey-G 23-Feb
3 Vaisshnaav Sivanesan 24-Feb
4 Nur Ismahani Khairul Nizam-G 24-Feb
5 Mohd Nazri Arfan Mohd Nazroel 24-Feb
6 Mohd Nazri Aizad Mohd Nazroel 24-Feb
7 Mohd Nazri Aiman Mohd Nazroel 24-Feb
8 Lamin Ahmad Nazir 25-Feb
9 Logitha P. Balachanthiran-G 25-Feb
10 Swetha Thamil Manni-G 26-Feb
11 Hiu Jack Yuan 27-Feb
12 Sanjaanah Arumugam-G 27-Feb
13 Arvind Arumugam 27-Feb
14 Iris Qistina Mohd Rizwan-G 02-Mar
15 Olivier Printemps Tan Zhy Ley 03-Mar
16 Octavius Ete Tan Zhy Lam 03-Mar
17 Pheng Win Xie-G 22-Mar
18 Nicholas Lau Meng Kwok 24-Mar
19 Alexander Ong Xuan En 28-Mar
20 Rey Matthew Tan Yong Xi  28-Mar
21 Damascus Rostam Zulkhairi 29-Mar
22 Viishnu Mohan Kumar 04-Apr
23 Herrish Mohan Kumar 04-Apr
24 Dinish Sathaseelan 05-Apr
25 Ashley Tan Jia Yie-G 15-Apr
26 Ashmeeta Kaur Sansoi-G 15-Apr
27 Chloe Wong Yen Li-G 15-Apr
28 Ethan Wong Yi Hern 15-Apr
29 Gerard Chong Woon Kai 15-Apr
30 Jayden Tay Ming Shen 15-Apr
31 Keeve Soon Yong Xin 15-Apr
32 Kyan Tan Kye Ren (SGR 2008) 15-Apr
33 Neel Isvar Kumar 15-Apr
34 Nicholas Khow Jin Kai 15-Apr
35 Nicki Chong Woon Nee-G 15-Apr
36 Ong Ji Hao 24-Apr
37 Ervin Tan Hong Ee 27-Apr
38 Yee Hao Loong 29-Apr
39 Miithran Guna Balan 05-May
40 Tharsika Prushotman 05-May
41 Vissnupriya Prushotman 05-May
42 Lee Yao Ming 05-May
43 Lee Kai Wen 05-May
44 Ernest Yek Zu Yang 09-May
45 Sophia Yek Yu Han-G 09-May
46 Ryan Chin Wen Zhan 10-May
47 Emanuel Lim Ying Qin 15-May
48 Grace Lau Xin Yi-G 15-May
49 Low Hong Hao 15-May
50 Low Hong Shen 15-May
51 Ng Sai Sun Sarawat 15-May
52 Muhd Haziq Fikri Mohd Fadzly 15-May
53 Muhd Hariz Fikri Mohd Fadzly 15-May
54 Muhd Irfan Danial Mohd Nurul Izani 15-May
55 Muhd Irzam Danial Mohd Nurul Izani 15-May
56 Kaseh Irsya Dania Mohd Nurul Izani-G 15-May
57 Muhd Faiq Danish Mohd Hafizul 15-May
58 Muhd Anas Rafiq Ahmad 15-May
59 Nur Alya Batrisyia Armizi-G 15-May
60 Nur Farwizah Darwisyah Yaakup-G 15-May
61 Harmi Zarif Harmi Thamri 15-May
62 Adam Fahmi Lukman 15-May
63 Putera Amsyar Nufael Abdullah 15-May
64 Tong Lik Pin 18-May
65 Teh Jia Qii-G 19-May
66 Teh Boon Quen 19-May
67 Sak Hui Jing-G 19-May
68 Sak Yew Jin 19-May
69 Siddharth Krishna Manavalan 22-May
70 Evan Kong Tze Shern 25-May
71 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari  26-May
72 Amani Julia Shahrir-G 27-May
73 Arina Zara Mohd Abdul Rajab-G 27-May
74 Megat Muhd Irfan M Mohd Nur 27-May
75 Muhd Amsyar Umar Mohd Ghaus 27-May
76 Muhd Danial Syafiq Khairul Norezwani 27-May
77 Muhd Hazim Irfan Mohd Zakiyuddin 27-May
78 Muhd Ilhan Muhd Faidz 27-May
79 Muhd Syahir Mohd Jamil 27-May
80 Muhd Zafran Zaini 27-May
81 Nur Erisya Qistina Amrizal Aziz-G 27-May
82 Nur Syahirah Mohd Jamil-G 27-May
83 Adry Syazwan Ahmad Syahir 27-May
84 Farah Nabila Azmi-G 27-May
85 Sharifah Farisya Syed Mohd Faisal-G 27-May
86 Adam Kamil Mohd Azmy 27-May
87 Ezuin Nur Muhd Hazrul-G 27-May
88 Muhd Jazli Umair Jeffri 27-May
89 Muhd Adib Ammar Azmi 27-May
90 Muhd Adnin Nuaym Helmy 27-May
91 Muhd Ammar Shahizul 27-May
92 Muhd Haziq Roshan Kamarul Zaini 27-May
93 Nur Amirah Mohd Nasiruddin-G 27-May
94 Nur Fatnin Uzma Mohd Zakiyuddin-G 27-May
95 Nur Insyirah Mohd Nasiruddin-G 27-May
96 Nur Jannatul Aini Mohd Jamil-G 27-May
97 Omar Haiqal Mustapha Kamal 27-May
98 Puteri Balqis Kamalulariffin-G 27-May
99 Sharifah Faziana Syed Mohd Faisal-G 27-May
100 Syed Muhd Irfan Syed Munawir 27-May
101 Tengku Muhd Imraan Tengku Mohd Fahmi 27-May

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Summit Subang USJ 6th Juniors Open on 13th August (Sunday): Name List

Updated 3/8 @ 2PM with 15 paid names missing from the original name listing of 323 names

A total of 338 323 school-going children have registered as of 21st July 2017 for the event to be held on 13th August at The Summit Subang USJ Mall. 

In summary, there are 87 children in U8, 132 children in U10, 84 children in U12, and 35 children in U16.

For any missing name in the list but you had made payment, please call Mr. Lim (012-2984922) or send an email to

The list of players as listed below:-
No. Name NR Category
1 Aaron Jaymes Zhung Cheng Lim 1220 U08
2 Abbay Charan Nigulan 1191 U10
3 Abigail Teh-G NR U10
4 Adam Fahmi Lukman 1069 U10
5 Adam Kamil Mohd Azmy NR U08
6 Adry Syazwan Ahmad Syahir NR U12
7 Afiq Asyraf Naizli 1212 U08
8 Agasti Ngoh Cheng Che NR U12
9 Ahmad Taffazzul Husayn Ahmad Zahir 1179 U10
10 Aiden Wong Yi Khai NR U10
11 Aiman Naqif Naizli 1382 U10
12 Alexander Ong Xuan En 1177 U10
13 Aliah Safiyah Aidil Saifan-G 1145 U08
14 Alyna Aang Min Shen NR U12
15 Amani Julia Shahrir-G NR U10
16 Ameer Fahmi Muhd Fauzek NR U10
17 Ameesha Mathialagan-G 1173 U10
18 Anderson Ang Ern Jie 1473 U08
19 Ang Shao Thong  NR U08
20 Ang Zhi Qian-G NR U10
21 Angus Yew Jin Heng 1334 U10
22 Araviendhra Magenthiran 1115 U10
23 Ariel Redza Muhd Ridzuan 1472 U08
24 Arif Iqmal Hakim Zulkefli 1303 U10
25 Arina Zara Mohd Abdul Rajab-G NR U10
26 Arvind Arumugam 1224 U10
27 Ashley Seow Xin Ru-G 967 U10
28 Ashley Tan Jia Yie-G 1240 U12
29 Ashmeeta Kaur Sansoi-G 1059 U12
30 Aw Yong Hom Chuen 1035 U08
31 Ayden Khek Wei Jian 1021 U12
32 Beh Keat Ket 1303 U10
33 Benjamin Ng Wei Min 1234 U12
34 Boscue Aang Min Shyn NR U10
35 Brandon Tien Sreenivasan 1518 U16
36 Brayden Chong Wen Jet 1272 U12
37 Bryan Tan Zhao Yan  NR U16
38 Calvin Phang Wei Xiang 1348 U16
39 Chai Hao Zheng  NR U10
40 Chai Jing Yang NR U10
41 Chai Song Qi 1316 U12
42 Chan Jie Yi-G 1107 U10
43 Chan Zhe NR U10
44 Cheng Zi Jian  NR U10
45 Chloe Wong Yen Li-G 1296 U10
46 Chong Yun An  NR U16
47 Chong Yun Jia  NR U12
48 Chong Yun Qi  NR U08
49 Choo Zi Yun 1456 U12
50 Chuah Zhe-Hern NR U10
51 Dallas Yap Ehin 1462 U16
52 Damascus Rostam Zulkhairi 1407 U12
53 Darren Phang Wei Hao 1303 U12
54 Darryl Loh Chen Kang 1222 U10
55 Darshinie Shanker-G 1266 U12
56 Dartsayani Bhaskaran-G NR U12
57 Derrick Loh Chen Jun 1216 U12
58 Deveswar SathisKumar NR U08
59 Dharshinyee Jayakumar-G 1008 U08
60 Dillon Leong Por Hong 1094 U10
61 Dinish Sathaseelan 1870 U16
62 Edwin Chua Jin Rui 1295 U16
63 Elizabeth Kung Sze Lok-G NR U10
64 Emanuel Lim Ying Qin 1307 U10
65 Emir Rusyaidi Ahmad Nazari  1888 U16
66 Eng Ee Ian NR U12
67 Erin Kong Tze Hsuen-G 1232 U10
68 Ernest Yek Zu Yang 1436 U08
69 Ervin Tan Hong Ee 1142 U08
70 Ethan Low Jia-Wei 1254 U10
71 Ethan Wong Yi Hern 1198 U08
72 Eugene Wong Yong Jun 1247 U10
73 Evan Kong Tze Shern 1202 U10
74 Ezra Chen Wei Sheng NR U08
75 Ezuin Nur Muhd Hazrul-G NR U08
76 Farah Nabila Azmi-G NR U12
77 Fatin Afiqah Mohd Faidzel Adham-G 1259 U12
78 Fauzan Adzim Ahmad Zulfaqur 1307 U12
79 Francis Wong Choon Siang 1205 U16
80 Gene Hean Yu Hang 1386 U12
81 Gerard Chong Woon Kai 1126 U16
82 Goh Jian Mayne 1323 U10
83 Goh Li Fan 1314 U08
84 Goh Li Yang 1186 U10
85 Gow Xin Ying-G NR U08
86 Grace Lau Xin Yi-G 1180 U12
87 Hannice Goh Han Ming-G NR U08
88 Haris Rikuto Rosli NR U10
89 Harmi Zarif Harmi Thamri NR U10
90 Harresh Morthi 1148 U10
91 Helwa Ahmad Saiful Rizal-G NR U12
92 Herrish Mohan Kumar 1453 U10
93 Hiew Zen Hao Christopher NR U10
94 Hiu Jack Yuan 1528 U12
95 Ho Chen Ee-G 1645 U16
96 Ho Vern Yarl 1237 U12
97 Howard Lee Hoe Jin 1245 U12
98 Iris Qistina Mohd Rizwan-G 1382 U10
99 Isaac Lee Zhia Wei 1237 U08
100 Ivan Lim Yi Kai 1304 U16
101 Izaak Takumi Rosli NR U08
102 Jack Lim Yi Jun 1336 U12
103 Jaden Tan En Yi  NR U10
104 Jagathees Guna Balan 1794 U16
105 Jaiden Ti Jia Yi 1231 U10
106 Jarvis Ti Jia Xie 1215 U12
107 Jayden Ryan NR U10
108 Jayden Tay Ming Shen 1161 U10
109 Jeevanraj Nanthakumar 1104 U10
110 Jerry Wong Yong Jie 1147 U08
111 Jesline Thanapakiam Puspanathan-G NR U16
112 Joel Tan En Rui  NR U12
113 Joel Wong Jia Huai 1333 U12
114 Jonathan Chong Yong Xin  NR U08
115 Joshua Chen Wei Xin NR U10
116 Jovahn Wong Kar Hou 1127 U10
117 Jovina Varrsha Saravanabavan-G 1077 U10
118 Jun Hao  NR U10
119 Kaashini Jaya Kumar-G 1144 U08
120 Karthik Karunanithy NR U16
121 Kaseh Irsya Dania Mohd Nurul Izani-G 1278 U12
122 Kavenesh Georgie Ganesan  1277 U12
123 Kavin Mohan 1320 U08
124 Keeve Soon Yong Xin 1581 U08
125 Kentaro Arakawa NR U12
126 Kesavan Sures Kumar 1013 U10
127 Koh Jia Khai  NR U12
128 Koh Lim Jun-G NR U08
129 Koh Lim Min-G 1056 U12
130 Kok Yi Xian NR U12
131 Kong Hong Le  NR U12
132 Kugarneisvaran Kartigesan NR U16
133 Kukanes Georgie Ganesan-G 1251 U16
134 Kyan Tan Kye Ren (SGR 2008) 1297 U10
135 Lal Mugunthan Mahendran 1155 U10
136 Lamin Ahmad Nazir NR U12
137 Law Yi Ren NR U10
138 Le Hao Ming 1498 U08
139 Le Wen Huey-G 1067 U08
140 Lee Jia Jun 1349 U08
141 Lee Jia Yi-G (KL 2007) 1449 U10
142 Lee Kai Wen NR U16
143 Lee Yao Ming 1404 U12
144 Lee Yean Herng 1411 U12
145 Lee Zhong Lim 1060 U10
146 Len Rong Zhe NR U08
147 Len Shao Wen-G NR U12
148 Leslie Wong Kee Liang 1343 U10
149 Liew Tzy Wen NR U08
150 Lim Fang Hong NR U10
151 Lim Puo Yang NR U16
152 Lim Zhong Hao NR U10
153 Livinesh Manimaran 1088 U12
154 Logan Kannan 1229 U10
155 Loganetraa Kulothunkan 1322 U16
156 Logitha P. Balachanthiran-G 1157 U12
157 Loi Guong Wayne NR U16
158 Loi Guong Zhane-G NR U12
159 Loshaputraa Kulothunkan 1154 U10
160 Low Hong Hao 1366 U12
161 Low Hong Shen 1067 U10
162 Low Tjoon Kun NR U08
163 Low Zhi Yuan  NR U10
164 Lucas Oh Li Jye 1450 U10
165 Lucas Ren Sreenivasan 1382 U12
166 Lucas Yip Zhen-Yu 1203 U10
167 Luqman Al-Hakim Abdul Samad NR U08
168 Mamtaa Thambisamy-G 1274 U12
169 Megat Muhd Irfan M Mohd Nur 1507 U10
170 Mia Lee Ying Ying-G 1145 U12
171 Miithran Guna Balan 1541 U10
172 Mithrra Vasuthevan-G 1234 U10
173 Mohd Nazri Aiman Mohd Nazroel 1385 U16
174 Mohd Nazri Aizad Mohd Nazroel 1253 U12
175 Mohd Nazri Arfan Mohd Nazroel 1111 U10
176 Muhd Adib Ammar Azmi NR U08
177 Muhd Adnin Nuaym Helmy NR U08
178 Muhd Ammar Shahizul NR U08
179 Muhd Amsyar Umar Mohd Ghaus NR U10
180 Muhd Anas Rafiq Ahmad 1247 U10
181 Muhd Danial Syafiq Khairul Norezwani NR U10
182 Muhd Faiq Danish Mohd Hafizul 1213 U10
183 Muhd Hariz Fikri Mohd Fadzly 1186 U08
184 Muhd Hazim Irfan Mohd Zakiyuddin 1264 U10
185 Muhd Haziq Fikri Mohd Fadzly 1439 U12
186 Muhd Haziq Roshan Kamarul Zaini NR U08
187 Muhd Ilhan Muhd Faidz NR U10
188 Muhd Irfan Danial Mohd Nurul Izani 1504 U12
189 Muhd Irzam Danial Mohd Nurul Izani 1169 U08
190 Muhd Jazli Umair Jeffri NR U08
191 Muhd Nur Aiman Mohd Nur Hilmi  NR U08
192 Muhd Syahir Mohd Jamil 1106 U10
193 Muhd Tajdeen Altafee Abdul Mohd NR U10
194 Muhd Zafran Zaini NR U10
195 Mukhlees Hakimi Mazlan 1389 U12
196 Nabilah Ahmad Saiful Rizal-G NR U10
197 Naima Sofia Muhd Fauzek-G 1141 U12
198 Neel Isvar Kumar 1276 U08
199 Neo Eu Genn  NR U08
200 Ng Chun Sern  NR U12
201 Ng Sai Sun Sarawat 1173 U12
202 Nicholas Khow Jin Kai 1385 U12
203 Nicholas Lau Meng Kwok 1233 U16
204 Nicki Chong Woon Nee-G 1075 U12
205 Nik Afiq Raiyan Nik Ahmad Farouqi 1258 U10
206 Nik Nur Iman Qaisara Nik Mohd Hasmizie-G 1105 U10
207 Nikita Asha Kaur Randhawa-G 1302 U10
208 Niranjanan Rajendran-G NR U08
209 Nithyanantha Nimalan Rao Gunalan 1300 U10
210 Niveythaa Parthiban-G 1245 U10
211 Noor Nazlienna Adha Mohd Nazuruddin-G 915 U08
212 Nur Alya Batrisyia Armizi-G 1343 U10
213 Nur Amirah Mohd Nasiruddin-G NR U08
214 Nur Erisya Qistina Amrizal Aziz-G 1378 U10
215 Nur Fariha Husna Ahmad Zulfaqur-G 1111 U10
216 Nur Farwizah Darwisyah Yaakup-G NR U10
217 Nur Fatnin Uzma Mohd Zakiyuddin-G 1134 U08
218 Nur Insyirah Mohd Nasiruddin-G NR U08
219 Nur Ismahani Khairul Nizam-G 1884 U12
220 Nur Jannatul Aini Mohd Jamil-G 1032 U08
221 Nur Muhd Ehsan Kamaruzaman NR U12
222 Nur Muhd Hazeem Kamaruzaman NR U08
223 Nur Syahirah Mohd Jamil-G 1561 U10
224 Nur Umairah Sakinah Mohd Tarmizi-G 1495 U12
225 Nur Uzma Bazilah Mohd Tarmizi-G 1434 U10
226 Nurqaseh Qaira Alysha-G 1191 U10
227 Nursafiyya Arissa Khairul Azni-G NR U08
228 Octavius Ete Tan Zhy Lam 1297 U16
229 Olivier Printemps Tan Zhy Ley 1593 U12
230 Omar Haiqal Mustapha Kamal NR U08
231 Ong Ji Hao NR U08
232 Ooi Wei NR U10
233 Pang Zi Yi 1167 U10
234 Pavira Kannan-G NR U08
235 Phebe Ho You Qian NR U10
236 Pheng Fook Weng 1627 U16
237 Praneal Balan NR U08
238 Pravesh R. Loganathan 1107 U10
239 Pritive Sures Kumar 987 U08
240 Priyanka R. Loganathan-G 1194 U08
241 Putera Amsyar Nufael Abdullah 1189 U10
242 Puteri Balqis Kamalulariffin-G NR U08
243 Puteri Zeta Nurhannah Mohd Yusry-G NR U10
244 Quah Thong Lim NR U16
245 Quah Thong Yoon NR U10
246 Quah Xuen Yin-G NR U12
247 Raeshinya Somarajah-G 1136 U12
248 Ray Tan Hui Rann NR U10
249 Rayn Mohd Razali 1124 U12
250 Revanesh Manimaran NR U08
251 Rey Matthew Tan Yong Xi  1397 U12
252 Risshe Gehshan Mathialagan 1334 U12
253 Ritikha Shree Theva Kumar-G 1105 U08
254 Roshan Morthi  1411 U12
255 Roy Yap Chun Yeen 1215 U16
256 Ryan Chin Wen Zhan NR U10
257 Ryan Seow Chun Hong 1558 U12
258 Sageev Siva Kumar NR U12
259 Sak Hui Jing-G 1044 U12
260 Sak Yew Jin 1121 U10
261 Saladin Rafie Mohd Hardy Loh 1139 U10
262 Sanjaanah Arumugam-G 1360 U12
263 Sanjay Pillai Ragunathan NR U08
264 Sanjeevan Vello NR U10
265 Santhosh Pillai Ragunathan 1102 U10
266 Seow Jia Shing-G NR U08
267 Shaktthivel Muthaliyar Kodiswaran NR U08
268 Sharifah Farisya Syed Mohd Faisal-G 1065 U12
269 Sharifah Faziana Syed Mohd Faisal-G NR U08
270 Sharmamittraa Kulothunkan 1180 U08
271 Shashant Theva Kumar 1107 U10
272 Shaun Choo Yi Hao 1052 U16
273 Sherwin Sherman NR U08
274 Sheryl Choo Yi Ying-G NR U12
275 Shiivaindhiran Mahendran 1173 U16
276 Shreesh Amit Chembeti 1665 U12
277 Shyam Keshaav Suneth 1372 U12
278 Siddhaarth Shanker 1116 U10
279 Siddharth Krishna Manavalan 1456 U12
280 Siti Sara Iman Ahmad Terrirudin-G 1249 U10
281 Sivaruben Jeyraj 1162 U08
282 Sivarubini Jeyraj-G 1069 U08
283 Sophia Yek Yu Han-G 1201 U16
284 Sun Ji Yao-G 964 U10
285 Swetha Thamil Manni-G 1323 U10
286 Syed Amin Putra Syed Zairus 1162 U10
287 Syed Faheem Syed Abdul Kather 1018 U08
288 Syed Muhd Irfan Syed Munawir NR U08
289 Taanusiya Kannan-G NR U08
290 Taarshini Umaparam-G 1160 U10
291 Tan Li-Yen-G 1153 U08
292 Tan Li-Zhang 1639 U12
293 Tan Sin Wei NR U10
294 Tan Teck Yao  NR U12
295 Tang May Yii-G NR U08
296 Tashveenthaan Retnaswaran 1099 U08
297 Teh Kai Wei NR U10
298 Teh Yong Liang NR U10
299 Tengku Muhd Imraan Tengku Mohd Fahmi NR U08
300 Ter Chen Jae NR U12
301 Thaavin Visakan Saravanabavan 1192 U10
302 Tham Yu Heng NR U08
303 Thaneswaran NR U10
304 Thanush Kumar Sinnathamby NR U10
305 Tharsika Prushotman 1186 U16
306 Tharun Shanker 1079 U08
307 Tharuna Ruben Rao Gunalan 1248 U16
308 Thejaasviny Kartigesan-G 1125 U10
309 Then Hang Min NR U12
310 Tiiran Jayabalan NR U10
311 Timothy Lim Guan Ting 1342 U10
312 Tong Lik Pin NR U10
313 Umar Danish Mohd Yazri  1188 U12
314 Umar Zulfiqa Mohd Yusry 1231 U16
315 Vaisshnaav Sivanesan 1123 U10
316 Vetrivel Muthaliyar Kodiswaran NR U10
317 Viishnu Mohan Kumar 1309 U16
318 Vishaantan Retnaswaran 1144 U12
319 Vishal Logeswaran NR U10
320 Vissnupriya Prushotman 1245 U08
321 Wan Adam Qaisar Hirwanizam 1167 U10
322 Wong Qi Han 1313 U08
323 Wong Qi Hao 1464 U16
324 Wong Qi Zhi (KL 2008) 1594 U12
325 Wong Qi Zhi (SGR 2010) NR U08
326 Wong Ren Yi NR U12
327 Wong Yu Zane  NR U08
328 Wong Zhen Yuan NR U10
329 Wong Zheng Chyi-G NR U10
330 Yadhesh Somarajah 1106 U10
331 Yap Heng Yi 1407 U10
332 Yap Xin Yao-G 1026 U10
333 Yee Hao Loong NR U08
334 Yeo Hann Sern 1171 U08
335 Yeo Jien Sern 1212 U10
336 Yeo Winn Sern 1001 U08
337 Zafeer Erfan Ali Mohd NR U08
338 Zayyan Mohd Fuad NR U08